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X, Y, & ZED was Glory Hole Gallery's first exhibition as a part of Nuit Blanche Toronto, 2017. This exhibition was an exploration of gender in the present and future. Using art to help navigate and understand how gender is performed and thought about, each box acts not only as an individual display but as an individual perspective and a look into the minds and experiences of each artist. Eight artists transformed eight miniature galleries to explore and reflect on gender expression in the present and future.


This exhibition was featured as a "10 must-see shows at Nuit Blanche 2017

Participating Artists: 

Kayla Polan
Marval A. Rex
Tyler Hyde
Mike Rennick
Devin Ouellette
Will Carpenter
Rurru Mipanochia
Mariam Magsi

Glory Hole Gallery was first mounted in June 2017 at Glad Day Bookshop, and continues to run as a gallery and collective at The 519 community centre in Toronto, Ontario. 

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